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Dance for You: Interview to Mikhail Kaniskin

Mikhail Kaniskin’s career milestones 


Step by step, his whole career has been marked by milestones: leaving Russia, being hired by the Stuttgart Ballet and later on by the Staatballett Berlin, creating a dance foundation in Mexico… At the age of 38, Mikhail Kaniskin is a successful dancer. At 5, he discovered dance through the Georgian dances; at 8, he joined the Bolshoi Ballet School. He finished his training at ‘John Cranko’ School in Stuttgart. In 1997, he made his debut with the Stuttgart Ballet, where he was promoted to principal dancer in 2004. There, he met his future wife: Elisa Carrillo Cabrera. In 2007 he moved on to the Staatsballett Berlin. Nowadays Mr. Kaniskin is a beloved husband and father of a baby called Maya while still succeeding further in his own career. In this interview granted to DANCE FOR YOU, Mikhail Kaniskin gives an overview of his astounding career in the Stuttgart Ballet and in the Staatsballett Berlin.

At age 38, how do you feel at this point of your career?

At this point of my career, I feel really grateful. First of all, because at the beginning of my career I would have never thought I would be where I am now. Through all my career I’ve had amazing experiences. One of them, to dance in the world’s greatest stages such as Mariinsky, Bolshoi, Deutsche Oper Berlin, Staatsoper Unter den Linden, Stuttgart Opera House and Lincoln Center and may others. Also to perform with some of the greatest ballerinas of our time, and to work with almost all of the greatest choreographers. I feel great and strong, but obviously, the more mature you get, the more you have to work.

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Dance for You: Interview to Elisa Carrillo Cabrera

elisa-carrillo-cabrera_dance-for-you_cover-75The Mexican Snow White


To be the first Mexican performer to become Principal Dancer in an important European company turned Elisa Carrillo Cabrera (36 years old) into a celebrity in her country. Born in Texcoco (Mexico) she took her first ballet steps at the age of six. Trained in the Escuela Nacional de Danza Clásica (Classical Dance National School), in Mexico, and in the English National Ballet School, she made her professional debut in the Stuttgart Ballet in 1999, where she was promoted to soloist.

Following her heart, in 2007 she headed with her husband Mikhail Kaniskin for the Staatsballett, in Berlin, which was then directed by Vladimir Malakhov. She had to pay dearly for her decision since she joined the ballet as demi-soloist, although in 2011 she was promoted to Principal Dancer.

Today a happy mother of a baby daughter, the Mexican artist is moved by emotion when sharing with DANCE FOR YOU some of the key episodes in her successful professional trajectory.

How did you get involved in ballet?

My family comes from a very humble background, and although they always liked classical music, they had nothing to do with dance. I came into ballet by chance. When we moved to Mexico City my mother enroll me in ballet lessons because she wanted me to have a good back posture, and the teacher said I had a natural flair for it. When I was six they took me to watch “La Sylphide” at the Teatro Bellas Artes (Fine Arts Theatre), and I was fascinated by it. To be honest, there wasn’t a specific moment when I thought I’d become a professional. I just got used to that life style. I loved ballet so much and it made me so happy that it became my life. At 14 or 15, I realized that it was a choice for life.

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Elisa dancing "La Péri" in the Ballet Gala in Kremlin, Russia © Svetlana Postoenko.

Elisa dancing “La Péri” in the Ballet Gala in Kremlin, Russia © Svetlana Postoenko.

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CND-Gala homenaje Maya Plisetskaya

Haruhi Otani y Aitor Arrieta, "Cisne Negro". © José Albornoz/ Festival de Granada.

Haruhi Otani y Aitor Arrieta, “Cisne Negro”. © José Albornoz/ Festival de Granada.

Embrujo clásico en la Alhambra, CRÍTICA


La extensa carrera profesional de Maya Plisetskaya (1925-2015) también incluyó una breve etapa en la dirección del Ballet Lírico Nacional de España. La Prima Ballerina Assoluta estuvo al frente de la actualmente denominada Compañía Nacional de Danza (CND), de 1987 a 1990. Por eso, la formación dirigida por José Carlos Martínez ha querido tributar un homenaje a la diva rusa. La 65ª edición del Festival Internacional de Música y Danza de Granada fue el marco idóneo para echar a andar la Gala homenaje a Maya Plisetskaya, que en época navideña recalará en el Teatro de la Zarzuela, de Madrid.

Con una duración de dos horas y media, la Gala homenaje a Maya Plisetskaya fue un espectáculo variado, que recordó a la estrella rusa en algunas piezas del programa y, sobre todo, alternó pasos a dos con piezas grupales, en una clara intención de subrayar la labor del conjunto capitaneado desde hace un lustro, por la estrella retirada del Ballet de la Ópera de París. Desde el punto de vista estilístico, el espectáculo primó el lenguaje clásico/neoclásico en diversas escuelas y líneas interpretativas, aunque hizo algún guiño al contemporáneo.

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La Gala homenaje a Maya Plisetskaya finalizó con “Raymonda divertimento”, adaptación de José Carlos Martínez, el 20 de junio en el Teatro del Generalife, Granada. © José Albornoz/ Festival de Granada.

La Gala homenaje a Maya Plisetskaya finalizó con “Raymonda divertimento”, adaptación de José Carlos Martínez, el 20 de junio en el Teatro del Generalife, Granada. © José Albornoz/ Festival de Granada.

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