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Dance for You: Women and Dance

Dance from a female standpoint


Thirty-five years ago, the Dance Committee of International Theatre Institute (ITI) founded the International Dance Day to be celebrated every year on the 29th April, the birthday of Jean-Georges Noverre (1727-1810), creator of modern ballet. The intention of the International Dance Day Message is to celebrate dance, revel in the universality of this art form, cross all political, cultural and ethnic barriers, and bring people together with a common language: dance. Every year a message from an outstanding choreographer or dancer is circulated throughout the world. From 1982, thirteen women have been commissioned to write the official message. For 2017, choreographer Trisha Brown was appointed to write it, but unfortunately, she has recently passed away. DANCE FOR YOU has decided to explore how dance has been described by the female ballerinas and choreographers who have written the official message throughout these three decades and a half.

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(From the left to the right): Chetna Jalan (1986), Doris Laine (1989), Germaine Acogny (1992), Maguy Marin (1993), Dai Ailian (1994), Maya Plisetskaya (1996), Alicia Alonso (2000), Katherine Dunham (2002), Miyako Yoshida (2005), Sasha Waltz (2007), Gladys Agulhas (2008), Anne Teresa de Keersmaeker and Trisha Brown, the women who have written the International Day Dance Message.

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